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Scentsy Wickless Candles

Wickless Wax and Low-watt Warmer
Details About your Product: These amazing candle-like products are a wonderful yet safe way to combat home pet odours.  The high quality wax is warmed in a beautifully decorative warmer using a low-watt light bulb.  Because there is no wick or flame, the product is lead and soot free.  Also, the wax never super heats, so children and pets will  not get burned.  In additon, home owners do not have to fear house fires from curious pets knocking the warmer over.

There are many warmers to choose from, including one called PAWS specially made for dog lovers.  The plug-ins which are perfect for bathrooms, hallways and kitchens.  Also, there are 80 amazing scents to choose from - something for everyone!

For those tired of trying every off the shelf, chemical-based scents, Scentsy is the answer!  These products are truly amazing.

Please visit my website to get a better idea of what the product look likes and how it works:

Cheryl Kaspar
Independent Scentsy Consultant




Canadian Urban Mush Puppy (Sledding and Weight Pull Harnesses)

Canadian Urban Mush Puppy, Eastern Ontario, Canada - Sledding and weight pull harnesses, as well as sled, scooter, weight pull kits. Especially for the 'Canadian Urban Pet Musher'. All sizes.





Paws To Bark

Professional Pooper Scoopers´╗┐

Walk & Scoop Service Packages Available

Why Use Our Scooping Services?
  We Are Licensed And Insured
 A Clean Yard Is Healthier For Your Family
 Busy life, No Free Time
 You Have Better Things To Do
 We Scoop And Haul Away The Waste
 We Use Biodegradable Bags
 Illness Or Injury Has Prevented Full Mobility
 We Are Committed And Have A 100% Guarantee

What Type Of Service Would You Like?
Twice Weekly
One Time Only

We Now Do 30min and 45min Dog Walks.
Make Sure You Check Out Our Walk And Scoop Packages.