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Krueger's K9 Academy is Open For Business

Krueger's K9 Academy is open for business. I'm located in Beamsville ON. in the Niagara Region and have a fully equipped agility field and a 41' salt water dock jumping pool with a 40' long dock. As of June 20 my pool and agility set ups are ready for anyone interested in coming out to train or exercise your dogs. For more info feel free to contact me at 905 483 7523 or Also check us out at


A Member Of The Dog Sledding Community Needs Your Help

"Operation Save Mochi"

Link To The Facebook Support Page

Bailey has been a contributor for reviews on our products page for some of the dog sledding and ski-joring equipment. Her dog Mochi is fighting for his life following a bowel resection. Anything you can offer to help them is appreciated through this very difficult time.


From Facebook: "A good friend of mine, and probably some of yours aswell, Bailey Moffatt is currently going through a tremendous amount of pain as her longest best friend, Mochi a sibrarian husky, is fighting for his life at the animal hospital.
I am creating this page to raise money to assist with their vet bills. They are currently up to $13,000 (yes, that's entered correctly) and he's going into his second surgery as his first one didn't take. Please, anything you can assist with would mean the world to this awesome lady."




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Do You Have A Product Or Service Related To Dog Sports?

If so, we'd love to hear about it! Ontario Dog Sports is a place to let people know about your Service or Product for free! Just send us your info and we'd be happy to share it with the thousands of unique visitors we have to our website each month. Be sure to include your contact information so our visitors can find you easily.


If you have a dog sports related product or service send us a brief summary and some pics to





An Interesting Read About The Use Of Harnesses

"Sports medicine guru and canine athlete enthusiast, Dr. Zink (and others) posit that no-pull harnesses are detrimental to a dog’s structure and gait"




Dr. Jean Dodds Webinar (Vaccines)

Vaccine Issues: Modern vaccine technology has permitted us to protect companion animals effectively against serious infectious diseases. However, the challenge to produce effective and safe vaccines for the prevalent infectious diseases of animals has become increasingly difficult. In veterinary medicine, evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders (vaccinosis) is compelling. While some of these problems

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"Paws for Cayleb" A Fundraising Program For A Child In Need Of A Service Dog

Meet Cayleb When my husband and I were first married and talked about our future family, we didn’t plan on having a child with special needs. I doubt anyone ever does. But as we watched our son miss milestone after milestone, it became very apparent to us that he was not following the same developmental path as his older brother. He was late to roll over, clap, sit, crawl, walk and late to talk. When he did start talking it was only a matter of time before he would lose the new word he had worked so hard to acquire. We became heartbroken as

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Woofstock 2011

There is no other festival like it in North America. Woofstock is the largest festival for dogs and their owners on the continent. And we're now world famous. We're "front and centre" – taking up a good stretch of Front Street (as well as adjoining side streets) and just steps from the centre of the city in one of Toronto’s most upscale neighbourhoods, the St. Lawrence Market area

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What is Treibball?

Treibball is a new way to play with your dog! It’s a competitive sport for dogs of all ages and sizes–it promotes better teamwork and communication between a dog and his handler. It’s great fun for any energetic dog who works well off-leash and needs a job, or any dog who likes to herd and doesn’t have sheep!

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Looking for volunteers to help run the Agility Association of Canada's 2011 Ontario Regional Championships.

We are looking for volunteers to help run the Agility Association of Canada's 2011 Ontario Regional Championships. We rely on the generous support of volunteers to make the event a success. In the past, volunteer support has been tremendous. Can you contribute in some way this year? We need help on the following days:

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Donate To Help A Rescue Dog

From: Dolores Doherty

Isabelle needs corrective cherry eye surgery. Please help with your donation.

Isabelle, a lovely coonhound from my rescue, needs corrective cherry eye surgery. the specialist can do a tacking prodecure that will permanently correct her cherry eye. But the surgery costs $2400. She has a lot of life to live, please help me play for her surgery. Your kindness is appreciated. This is the link to my ChipIn for Isabelle on my rescue, A Dog's Dream Rescue on PetFinder.



Toronto Sportsman Show Schedule

It's a dog-gone great show the whole family will enjoy. Purina is proud to host 5 days of amazing entertainment including The Purina Pro Plan Dog Stars featuring the famous McCann Dogs, Big Air Dog Jump and Dogs with Jobs. It's all for free so don't miss the

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Everyone loves dogs! Woofstock is a celebration of dogs in every way – a high-profile, high-energy, mould-breaking two-day long event that draws tens of thousands of visitors and their beloved pooches

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