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Dr. Jean Dodds Webinar (Vaccines)

Webinar Speaker: reknowned speaker and educator Dr. Jean Dodds of California.
TOPIC: Minimal vaccines the newest protocol

Vaccine Issues:
Modern vaccine technology has permitted us to protect companion animals effectively against serious infectious diseases. However, the challenge to produce effective and safe vaccines for the prevalent infectious diseases of animals has become increasingly difficult.

In veterinary medicine, evidence implicating vaccines in triggering immune-mediated and other chronic disorders (vaccinosis) is compelling. While some of these problems have been traced to contaminated or poorly attenuated batches of vaccine that revert to virulence, others apparently reflect the host=s genetic predisposition to react adversely upon receiving the single (monovalent) or multiple antigen “combo” (polyvalent) products given routinely to animals. Animals of certain susceptible breeds or families appear to be at increased risk for severe and lingering adverse reactions to vaccines.

DATE: Tuesday, June 11 at 5 pm Pacific Time but you can attend any time for at least four weeks following the event.
COST:  $30 per head.  - Canadian funds.
Payment must accompany your request. I will need your email to send an invitation please.Three payment options:Please make checks payable to Foxfire Publishing Inc. (send to309 Carla Street, Petawawa, Ontario K8H 3N2)


 Send a email interact transfer to bev@foxfirepublishing.ca.


 You may use paypal  but please you MUST ADD $1 for handling fees - payment to bev@foxfirepublishing.ca.


DURATION: Approximately 2 hours. There will be a 30 minute Q & A period following.
Webinars WHAT are they? You take part at your own leisure and can revisit the pdf of the webinar any time. (limited to 1 month) Dr. Dodds will send you a pdf of the event prior to the webinar so you can follow along. The conference room will open 15 minutes prior to the webinar to allow you to correct any technical issues.

You attend in your Jammies if you like. We don't care. Can't see you anyway. Bring your coffee, listen at your leisure.
You NEED a computer with speakers or a head set.

Dr. Jean Dodds resume:
Click Here
and here

Other links of interest:

OVC accreditation:As part of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for veterinarians, the Custom Certificate of Attendance will list that this is an 8 hour event to make it easier for attendees to record the CPD in their report to the College.Many Veterinarians have have often used attendance at Dr. Jean Dodds seminars in order to complete their CPD requirements

PROCEEDS to the Dog Legislation Council of Canada, Hemopet, The Rabies Challenge, The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada.

There are 4 rescue group fundraisers as well who will receive a free registration. Please contact bev@foxfirepublishing.ca for your private invitation to attend this event or with questions.

Hosted by The American Staffordshire Terrier Club of Canada and Fox-Fire Publishing Inc.

Please contact bev@foxfirepublishing.ca for your private invitation to attend this event or with questions. Payment must accompany your request as well as your email.


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    Ontario Dog Sports - News and Announcements - Dr. Jean Dodds Webinar

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