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97 Neglected sled dogs rescued in Quebec, the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle needs donations to help with the care and re-homing of these dogs!

Help us pay for close to $5,000 in food and vet care for these dogs during their stay at our emergency shelter!

On November 17, the SPCA LL and their partner, Humane Society International, rescued 97 neglected sled dogs in the Upper Laurentians. The owner of the dogs was unable to care properly for his animals and released them to the care of the SPCA LL.
These dogs were chained outside in a poor environment. This rescue will not only provide a better life for them, but it will also prevent the situation from getting worse since approximately 30 females were already pregnant. The owner could easily have found himself with 150 additional puppies when winter is right around the corner.
For this rescue, the SPCA LL benefited from the precious help of two international organizations: Humane Society International (www.hsicanada.ca) and United Animal Nations (www.uan.org), as well as the help of several other animal rescue organizations around Canada, of the municipality where the emergency shelter was set up, and of numerous volunteers from the Laurentians community.
The teams removed the dogs from the original site and transported them in an emergency shelter in Val-Morin, in a building generously offered by Construction Excavation Raynald Tisseur inc.
The dogs will get all required vet treatment as well as the food, water and TLC they need. As soon as possible, they’ll be transferred to different animal rescue organizations across the Canada and the US, where they’ll be sterilized and put up for adoption in permanent loving homes.
Tragically, this situation is not unique, with cases of neglect of sled dogs regularly reported in Canada. HSI and the SPCA LL are calling upon the provincial and federal government to pass stronger animal protection laws to ensure the protection of all dogs. For sled dogs, sterilization and planning for the care of the dogs during the eight-month low tourist season should be a priority.


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