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Team Canada Dryland - 2009 - As of June 26

From: Mushing Canada

Team Canada Dryland - 2009 - As of June 26

Below is a list of the accepted non-Quebec residents who will participate at the IFSS World Dryland Championships in Saguenay, Quebec October/Nov 2009. Because this year's championships are held in Canada, we are permitted to send a larger contingent than the usual 3 participants per class and we would like to send as many as possible. To facilitate the formation of a larger particpation we are accepting a second round of applications due to be received by September 1, 2009. Please note that the $10 Mushing Canada processing fee has been increased to $20 for this round. The application is available for download here.

Team members by class:

Junior Men's Canicross (16-20yrs) 2x3.5km

Paul Musgrave, Dunrobin, ON *

Sr. Men's Canicross (21+) 1x3.5km + 1x6.8km

Dave Meisenheimer, Carp, ON

Veteran Men's Canicross (40+) 1x3.5km + 1x6.8km

Junior Women's Canicross 2x3.5km

Sr. Women's Canicross 1x3.5km + 1x6.8km

Heather Adeney, Carp, ON

Veteran Men's Canicross 1x3.5km + 1x6.8km

Junior Men's Bikejor 2x5km

Sr. Men's Bikejor 2x6.8km

Veteran Men's Bikejor 2x6.8km

Junior Women's Bikejor 2x5km

Sr. Women's Bikejor 2x6.8km

Murielle Ovenden, Winchester, ON

Veteran Women's Bikejor 2x6.8km

1 Dog Scooter 2x3.5km

Heather Adeney, Carp, ON

2 Dog Scooter 2x5km

Dana Cranstone, Ottawa, ON

4 Dog Cart Junior 2x3.5km

4 Dog Cart Senior 2x3.5km

David Jolette, Ottawa, ON
Kathleen Henry Kilbreath, Bloomfield, ON

6 Dog Cart 2x6.8km

Lou Serre, Markstay, ON

8 Dog Cart 2x6.8km

Lou Serre, Markstay, ON

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