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Midwest Canine Camper Day Tripper Double Door-36"


Product Features
Double Door!
Easy Set-up, Pop-up Zip-up Assembly
No poles, bars, straps or tools required
Water Resistant Material - 600 Denier Polyester with Tan PVC Backing
Black PVC Mesh Window Screens



Recently I purchased the Canine Camper soft sided crate for use when travelling to and from events with my Lab. I had previously owned a soft crate as I found they were easy to move in and out of my vehicle and they did a much better job of keeping the copious amounts of dog fur from making its way around the inside of my truck. I didn't have very much luck with my previous soft sided crate that I had spent less than $50 on as the zipper needed to be replaced and the mesh on it had been easily torn by an excited dog who was ready to stretch her legs after a long ride. This soft crate however is exactly what I have been looking for. When I first unpackaged the crate it was immediatley apparent how to assemble it with only a few steps to be followed and both of my dogs were inside checking out their new home on the road. The zippers are very strong and need to be as the structural integrity of the crate comes from its rigid ends. The mesh surrounding the crate is heavily woven and covered is a rubber like material which is resistant to pulls and tears. The crate comes with a soft pad that rests on the bottom for your dog to lay on but I would recommend another blanket or two as the padding isn't all that thick. The crate is very light and is ideal for use at an event where you need to remove it from your vehicle as it can fold down to a size of 31" X 22" and a height of 2 1/2" for trips where you don't want to take up too much space and storage is a concern. I have been thoroughly pleased with this product and I would recommend it to everyone as it comes in a variety of sizes for all breeds of dogs. I will add it to the products available at amazon section of the site so you may check it out. I am going to give it 4 tennis balls out of 5 due to the thin padding that comes with it, otherwise this is a good investment.




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